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Katarina Schwab

Katarina Schwab has been in the entertainment industry since 2014. Starting out as a blogger about Hip-Hop Culture, she quickly moved up the scale and met some of her favorite artists. Through meeting them, she shadowed their business team and learned the ropes of the Industry.
In 2016, Katarina took a position at an agency working as a Talent Manager for Influencers. Leaving the agency in 2017, Katarina continued to work with some of the biggest names in YouTube. Katarina has always strived for equality in the space and helps influencers and artists alike fight for equal rights and diversity.
Today Katarina has built relationships with many labels, brands, management teams, agencies, and more.

Quintravis Rogers

Quintravis (Trey) Rogers is the newest edition to Disrupt. Also being a client, Trey wanted to learn the ropes in music and the influencing space on the business side. 2020 is a bright year for Trey and we are excited to have him on board.


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